Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP has delivered the functionality, performance and ease of use that power diverse businesses around the world. From financials to manufacturing and operations, Microsoft Dynamics GP brings people and systems together to help you run your business effectively.

A Proven Solution for Your Business

  • Delivers functionality performance, and ease of use to powers diverse businesses around the world
  • Ensures long-term value with solutions that are easy to adapt and connect with other line- of-business applications and the Microsoft Technology
  • Provides comprehensive capabilities and rapid, flexible deployment options

Gain Greater Control

  • Get the insights you need to manage your business
  • Improve decision-making processes to speed response time
  • Go beyond basic reporting with powerful self-service analysis and business intelligence tools

Increase Your Margins

  • Identify and target your top customers to drive new sales opportunities
  • Gain efficiencies and automation for key business processes
  • Optimise buying and inventory management to cut costs

Microsoft Dynamics GP Capabilities at a Glance

Financial Management
  • Automate payables and receivables management
  • Better manage cash flow, improve collections, and control fixed assets
  • Streamline expense management
  • Simplify electronic bank reconciliation and funds transfer
  • Work with multiple currencies, locations and companies
Business Intelligence & Reporting
  • Easily create and manage budgets
  • Access key business metrics in the Executive Center
  • Increase insights with more than 225 built-in customisable and refreshable Microsoft Excel spreadsheet reports
  • Use real-time notifications and alerts
  • Look for trends and relationships with predictive modeling capabilities
Supply Chain Management
  • Stay ahead of demand, speed fulfillment and reduce lead time
  • Streamline purchasing and sales order processing
  • Improve inventory management
  • Connect with customers and suppliers to improve service
  • Track production costs and manage work orders more effectively
  • Collect, organise and review changes to order before they are authorised
  • Better manage materials, components and assemblies
  • Improve controls and enhance quality assurance
IT Management
  • Adapt to your needs with built-in personalisation and customisation tools
  • Integrate data from external sources
  • Streamline deployment and future upgrades
  • Easily connect mobile and remote workers
Risk Management
  • Set and manage security restrictions or any data fields, windows and forms
  • Track and report on any changes to any data fields and tables and document approval of any changes
  • Store and safeguard historical compliance and transaction information
  • Automate and centralise processes to help eliminate human error
Service & Project Management
  • Strengthen customer relationships, empower field employees and increase sales
  • Better manage the cost of providing field service
  • Capture, review and approve project time-and-expense data

Microsoft Dynamics Advanced Management Modules

Davidson Business Systems offers a comprehensive set of broad-based, flexible solutions from Microsoft Dynamics GP. These solutions range from large scale enterprise applications to single function utilities that serve to enhance the productivity and effectiveness of your business. Find solutions that accommodate your unique business requirements in the list below.

Financial Management
  • General Leger with AFA
  • Analytical Accounting
  • Fixed Asset Management
  • Intercompany Processing
  • Multicurrency Management
  • eExpense
  • Audit Trails
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Encumbrance Management
  • Grant Management
  • Account Level Security
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Payables Management
  • Receivables Management
  • Customer/Vendor Consolidations
  • Refund Checks
  • Collections Management
  • Electronic Document Delivery
  • Electronic Bank Management
  • Electronic Funds Transfer from Payables Management
  • Lockbook Processing
  • Safe Pay
  • Revenue/Expense Deferrals
  • Workflow
Business Intelligence & Reporting
  • Office Smart Tags
  • Reminders
  • SmartLists/ SmartList Builder
  • Office Excel- Based Reports
  • Analysis Cubes & Analysis Cubes Library
  • FRx WebPort
  • FRx Report Launcher
  • Crystal Reports Professional
  • SQL Server Reporting/ Services Reports
  • Report Writer
  • Microsoft FRx®
  • FRx Report Manager
  • FRx Report Server
  • Microsoft Forecaster
  • Solution Accelerator for Compliance Management
Supply Chain Management
  • Sales Order Processing with Advanced Invoicing
  • Extended Pricing
  • Order Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Bill of Materials
  • Advanced Distribution
  • Advanced Picking
  • Available to Promise
  • Purchase Order Processing
  • Landed Cost
  • PO Generator
  • Requisition Generator
  • Returns Management
  • Manufacturing Bill of Materials
  • Manufacturing Order Processing
  • Master Production Scheduling
  • Material Requirements Planning
  • Capacity Requirements Planning
  • Engineering Change Management
  • Job Costing
  • Quality Assurance
  • Sales Configurator
  • Sales Forecasting
Project Management
  • Project Accounting
  • Project Time & Expense
Field Service
  • Service Call Management
  • Contract Administration
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Depot Management
  • Field Service Anywhere
  • Field Service Suit for Business Portal
Collaborative Workspace
  • Business Portal
  • Windows SharePoint Service
  • Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007
  • Dynamics Client for Office
Configuration & Development
  • Security Management
  • Field Level Security
  • Process Server
  • Integration Manager- Conversions
  • Integration Manager- Distribution
  • Integration Manager- Financials, Payroll, Project Management
  • Extender
  • Modifier with Visual Basic for Applications
  • Developer Toolkit (Visual Studio Tools, eConnect, and Web Services)
  • Software Development Kit
  • Country- Specific Functionality
  • Additional Languages

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is designed to empower your people to be more productive and your systems to last longer, with the ability to scale to accommodate growth, all while delivering the insight you need to respond quickly in an ever-changing world of business.

Gain Greater Control
  • Streamline financial practices
  • Get a clear view of your
  • Provide self-service reporting tools and real-time business intelligence
Increase Your Margins
  • Identify and target your top customers to drive new sales opportunities
  • Deliver superior customer service with effective service order management
  • Build customer loyalty with customer-specific pricing and discounts
Adapt Quickly—and Grow Your Business
  • Conduct business internationally
  • Connect your remote and roaming employees
  • Choose the right solution for you

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Capabilities at a Glance

Financial Management
  • Efficiently manage bookkeeping and inventory
  • Simplify cash flow management
  • Control fixed assets
  • Process bank reconciliations and collections
  • Work with multiple currencies, locations, legal entities, or companies
  • Boost efficiency of production orders
  • Improve supply planning
  • Stay agile and respond quickly to customer demands
  • Manage capacity requirements planning more effectively
Supply Chain Management
  • Tailor approval workflow processes
  • Manage inventory
  • Improve your responsiveness
  • Pursue new market opportunities
  • Work more efficiently with partners
  • Manage budgets
  • Create custom reports using step-by-step wizards
  • Consolidate reports easily
  • Look for trends and relationships
  • Increase collaboration and share knowledge
Sales & Marketing
  • Manage customer and sales data
  • Create marketing campaigns
  • Organise service resources
  • Forecast and track parts consumption
  • Manage contracts and service agreements
Service Management
  • Manage customer calls and queries
  • Track support tickets
  • Allocate resources
  • Create reports
  • Carry out asset management
Project Management
  • Budget for costs and time
  • Automate billings
  • Track resource costs and usage
  • Plan capacity
  • Predict availability